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Equipamento de pulpa

fiber separator

Pulp machine fiber separator machine is a combination of one sealed horizontal hydrapulper and a light & heavy impurity remover. It adopts drum and turbo structure so has higher efficiency.With compact structure,high efficiency,it has functions such as pu

Working principle of pulp machine. 
Paper Pulp get into the cylindershaped cabinet with a tangent track and revolve in high speed with the impulse of pressure difference and revolving cutter. Then in the effect of hydraulic shear force , friction of fibers and the beating of blades, the pulp is defibered.

The pressure difference between sieve plates and drive impulse of cutters make The defibered pulp go through the screen holes on sieve plates and go out from accept outlet.The pulp which can not go though sieve plates revolve rapidly in the cabinet and generate strong centrifugal force, which together with the difference of proportion make the heavy impurities , fiber and light impurities radially stratified. Heavy impurity, fiber and light impurities at the same time move to the section far away from sieve plates with the push of cutter blades. Heavy impurities move along the inside wall of cabinet to tangent outlet and go into heavy impurity cleaner.

After the cleaning of heavy impurity, pulp will go out from cleaner regularly and get into fiber separator again from pulp inlet; Light impurities have small proportion ,they are concentrated in the central part and go out continuously from central outlet.when pulp move to end cover, it will flow back to cutter and go through sieve plates again.

Technical parameters

Type HDF-2 HDF-3 HDF-4 HDF-5 HDF-6
Consistency of inflow pulp (%) 2-4
Production capacity (t/d) 50-70 80-100 120-180 160-280 240-360
Hole size (mm) Conical hole, diameter 3/4/5/6/7
Power of motor (Kw) 37 55 75 132 185