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Pulp and paper industry machinery

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tempo de atualização : 2020-07-03 14:43:43
  Pulping and papermaking machinery 15 cubic high consistency pulping machine adopts multi-screw blade rotor with pulp concentration up to 14%, which can produce strong bottom-up and top-down pulp flow and fiber friction. The pulping quality is uniform, especially when it is used for deinking pulping.Under the action of high concentration friction between pulp fiber and chemical agent, the ink can be peeled off from the fiber surface effectively and quickly. It is the key equipment for commercial wood pulp, crushing treatment and deinking of all kinds of waste paper. 
   The upper transmission device is adopted in the hydraulic pulper, which not only has the advantages of deinking and beating of the ordinary high concentration liquid crusher, but also improves the bearing damage and poor sealing performance of the old crusher. It has the main advantages of high production capacity, good deinking and pulping effect, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. Compared with the old pulping machine, it has the main advantages of reducing unit energy consumption by more than 50%, and has become the preferred equipment for small and medium-sized pulping and papermaking enterprises. 
  The vertical high concentration hydraulic pulper is praised for its novel design and simple operation. The vertical high concentration hydraulic pulping machine is a vertical structure, and the main components are: (barrel) rotor adopts double-head screw, flying knife, sieve plate, pulp chamber, full skin of bearing body, pulley, bracket and so on.). On the premise of not reducing the performance of waste paper pulp, three spiral rotors were used to crush the waste paper at high temperature and high concentration. The rotation of the rotor drives the pulp to form a strong circulating eddy current, which causes strong friction between the waste paper, and decomposes the waste paper into the friction between fibers, ink particles, oil stains and chemicals. Under this action, the fiber surface is stripped and separated, which ensures the smooth operation of flotation deinking and screening purification section, so as to produce high brightness pulp, which has the advantages of high production capacity, low energy consumption, easy to use, low cost and so on.